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Google Analytics “is no longer collecting data”

The problem: Google Analytics has stopped collecting data TODAY.

This sentence normally goes together with something like “of course we have not made any change in the web” and / or “I see all tags being fired correctly”.

As we can see in the image below, Google Analytics does not show any data after 8:00 am (of the day I took this image)


The Solution, what is actually happening and how can we fix it?

First thing is to identify the kind of issue we are facing:

  • Google Analytics is not collecting data
  • Google Analytics is not showing data

It may happen that Google Analytics doesn’t show any data, I have already seen this issue several times… Because it may happen that Google Analytics keeps collecting data, but doesn’t show the latest data, the data for today.

What can we do?

By just applying an advance segment (so we oblige Google Analytics “to think”) the data for today appear for the whole traffic and the segment applied.


If it´s an ecommerce, we can also check it there


As you can see in the image above, data is now there (not for the whole day obviously, because we are looking data for “today” but there is data till the time I took this screenshot). In other words, the moment we oblige Google Analytics to think, everything is right comes back to normality.

It´s also possible to take a look in Real Time and see if there is data there. The day after, you should check everything is ok again, and data are being showed as they are collected, as usual. In my case, it has always been like this.

However, if after applying a segment (making GA think) you still see the same lack of data, then we are facing another kind of problem, and we would need to audit the data collection (debug). I will talk about it in a next post.

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