Who is

My name is Javier, am Spanish and work in London for DLG. I take care of analytics for a specific business unit -DL4B- doing both implementation and data analysis. Previosly, I have worked for some big digital companies like Time Out or Photobox, and as a consultant for World Remit, Global Capital or Hearst Magazines.

I have a data academic background (market research) but have worked a lot in implementations with Google & Adobe Analytics, and using tagging solutions like Signal or GTM. I also have a particular and geek interest for the data QA.

I discovered digital analytics back in 2010, and it´s the way I earn my salt since 2012. I have had the chance of learning from top guns like Gemma Muñoz or Peter O´Neill.

Personally, and in opposition to most Spaniards, I am quite francophile. Last time I left a barber shop wearing short hair was in September of 1999. I cannot ride a bike (what it´s way more common that you may think). I love travelling (no tourism, please) and have also lived in Dublin, Liège and Paris.

I try to be active in the analytics community, mainly in London where I lead the organization of Measure Bowling. You can reach me at geekeandoenanalytics@gmail.com or via Linkedin and Twitter